Flex-Arm Bow Holder

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Now you can have your bow right at your fingertips while you sit in your stand.  The FlexArm™ attaches solidly to your treestand frame with secure U-bolt connection.  The FlexArm can be bent to the perfect position to hold your weapon, but is very rugged and stout to hold upwards of 8.5 lbs without any movement or loss of memory. At the end of the FlexArm™ is a Silent-Grip™ Limb Bow Holder that adjusts separately from the angle of the flexible arm.  This arm is secure, rock-solid and completely adjustable for your setup!

- SILENT-GRIP LIMB FORK Adjustable for the Ideal Holding Angle

- RUGGED FLEXARM™ Bends to the Perfect Angle

- EASY ATTACH U-BOLT CONNECTION Mounts to Virtually Any Tree Stand

  • Securely Holds up to 8.5 LBS Bow SetUps
  • No Tools Easy Install